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Natural Modafinil Alternatives

Modafinil is the active ingredient in Alertec and Provigil. It is commonly used to help people with the need of excessive daytime sleepiness. In medicine they call this condition – narcolepsy. More recently, Modafinil has been prescribed for people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and general fatigue issue’s. I have been suffering for many years (decades now) with fatigue issue’s. I have tried every type of energy product and nootropic, coffee, yerba mate, green tea supplement around and nothing would help. That is why when my Dr. suggested I try Provigil- I got my hopes up. I went home with a 7-day trial pack from my Dr. and it was almost a complete transformation. I felt alive, energized and focused. Getting out the bed was no longer a dreaded chore but something I actually looked forward to.

Unfortunately, that feeling only lasted those 7 days.

My health insurance company, BlueCross & BlueShield, denied coverage. Granted, I pay over $7,500 per year for my health insurance. It is a terrible plan but something most American’s realize they have to pay.

If you are like me, and your doctor prescribed Provigil for you but your health insurance would not cover it- don’t give up. Health insurance companies have no business playing doctor with your healthcare. If a doctor thinks you can benefit from a medication, then it should their decision solely. You can take action yourself and take charge of your healthcare.

My recommendation is to take action and buy a Natural Modafinil Alternative that is made in the USA:


My personal journey involved countless hours of appeals, phone calls with BCBS and at the Dr.’s office trying to jump through hoops in order to get my prescription “approved”. In the end, all it did was frustrate me and waste my time and money. That same day, I begin researching how I could possibly afford the $1400/month prescription out of pocket and any natural modafinil alternatives. Obviously, I could not afford that. It is a shame that our country allows the pharmaceutical industry to gauge us. The cost for Modafinil used to be $200/month without any insurance. As recently as 2007, and that is an amount I could have justified. But not $1400.

The next step came when for the first time in my life I started researching offshore pharmacies and how I could trust and order from. I probably spent the better part of a week investigating scams and reading reviews until I found a reliable company that would accept payments in the US. I did, and to my amazement their product is more affordable than my Rx deductable would have been with BCBS. They ship Brand name Modalert modafinil, offer free shipping worldwide and do not require a credit card for payment.

There is more good news too, the product arrived in less than a week and I have never felt better. My doctor monitors my vitals each month and so far this is the best I’ve felt since the 90’s.

I hope someone out there facing similar circumstances can find this page. It is a frustrating road when your health insurance company tries to play doctor, but don’t give up. You can still get the treatment your doctor wants. Take charge of your health and I hope you feel better soon.

A Look At How Modafinil Works

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Modafinil interacts with the central nervous system. Alertec influences those parts of the brain, responsible for sleep. In that way it saves patients from drowsiness and also helps them to be active and to fight the desire to sleep.

Of course, there can be other diseases to treat with Alertec, but this is the most widely known. Remember that you can’t start and also stop using this drug without asking your doctor for an advice. The deal is: its rather dangerous to take Alertec if you don’t have suitable symptoms and you can’t stop using it abruptly because it will cause unwanted consequences too.

Proper Use

Adults are usually are advised to take from 200 gm to 400 mg once during 24 hours. Sometimes patients need to halve their daily dose. That depends on the patient’s health condition. And the most common way to start a day is to take 200 mg of the drug. This was the dose that worked best for me.

The pharmacist makes the decision observing some individual features of your body. For example the dose amount can change depending on your total weight or your age. There are other important features.

What If You Miss A Dose?

Don’t panic if you have missed a dose. In any case don’t double the next scheduled dose. If not much time have passes from you scheduled dose (which you have missed), you can still take an Alertec pill. But if it’s late, don’t take it at all. I’ve found that taking it after 1pm keeps me up at night.


If a person have suffered from allergies (to the components of this drug), he should better avoid Modafinil. The patients with severe anxiety are also not recommended to be treated by this medicine.

Such diseases as kidney and liver illnesses are rather serious, that’s why patients with that diagnoses have to be careful and use smaller doses of Alertec.

The medical researches doesn’t know exactly how Alertec influences health condition of those, who have heart diseases, that’s why before you use the drug, have a talk with your doctor.

If you have seizure disorder, your doctor will tell you that you have to be regularly examined all the time while the treatment period. Those who have already fought the mental illness, shouldn’t be cured with Alertec also. Their bad mental condition can renew.

Pregnant and breast feeding women have to be careful with Alertec. It is not known exactly how this drug can influence the baby. There can be both: positive and negative results.

Side Effects To Be Aware Of With Alertec

Side effects are not a rule for those, taking Alertec. They can appear depending on different circumstances.

Anxiety, appetite loss, diarrhea, dry mouth, headache, increased heart rate or palpitations, dry skin, muscle stiffness, nausea, nervousness, sleeping difficulties, sun sensitivity, stuffy or runny nose, skin redness or flushing, tingling, burning, or prickling sensations in the skin, trembling or shaking, vomiting are not usual but rather often unpleasant consequences. They usually don’t last long but you’d better inform a doctor or a pharmacist.


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